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ADA Adaptogenic Drinks



Elevate body and mind.

Natural functional drink for any occasion with carefully selected adaptogenic and aromatic plants. Invigorating and stimulating.

Enjoy neat or with some tonic water on ice or try one of our delicious cocktail recipes.

Contains powerful plant extracts and natural caffeine. Dietary supplement. Please follow directions for use.

200ml (makes 4-8 drinks)

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Water, lemon juice*, agave syrup*, hibiscus extract*, raspberry juice*, black elderberry juice*, botanical extracts of: green tea*, green coffee beans*, Schisandra berry, Rose root* (Rhodiola Rosea), Ginseng root* (Panax Ginseng), Licorice root*, Wormwood herb*.


Active compounds

Dry extracts per serving (50ml):
Green tea 400 mg
Green coffee beans 200 mg
- Caffeine from green tea and green coffee 40 mg
Schisandra berry 200 mg
Rhodiola root 100 mg
Panax Ginseng root 100 mg

Important directions for use

For the best experience, mix one serving of ADA (25-50ml) with a blender of your choice. Start with one serving at first and listen to your body. Do not drink more than 4 servings daily.

High natural caffeine content of 40mg per serving.

Not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding, for children.
Seek professional advice if taking medication.

Contains licorice - excessive consumption should be avoided in cases of high blood pressure.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

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